About Auditlysis


Auditlysis is the first website of its kind, in Tanzania and Africa at large, which contains forums for practitioners in risk management, controls, governance and risk management in Tanzania and across the world to exchange ideas and share practical experience and challenges encountered as they discharge their responsibilities.

The term Auditlysis has been coined from two commonly used words namely audit and analysis. Audit refers to examination or review of facts and information to determine whether they conform to predetermined rules, criteria or standards. Analysis, on the other hand, refers to a detailed study of facts and or information in order to understand more about it.

Auditlysis, therefore, provides a platform for in-depth review and analysis of issues, topics and subjects in order to enable participants to enhance their understanding and ultimately improve their performance.

The Auditlysis forums provide not only in-depth examination, review and analysis of issues but also gives balanced perspectives taking into consideration specific environmental factors inherent in the practices of auditing, risk management and governance.

The forum is a practical application of the famous motto by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) - namely “Progress through Sharing”

Our Mission

To enable practitioners to meet, interact, exchange best practice information on risk management, control, governance and internal auditing. The forum provides friendly atmosphere for the practitioners to network and discuss pertinent issues facing them in their day-to-day activities and recommend practical solutions of the best way forward.

Our Vision

To be the leading professional forum in Africa that provides time tested solutions for practitioners by sharing best practices and adapting our local practices to deliver value.

Our values

Auditlysis has five core values which reflect the way we do business. Our values show the way we are committed to provide unmatched high quality business solutions through:

  • Proficiency: Our output is a result of a combination of skills, competence and experience we intend to always maintain high standards in our work.
  • Quality: Quality is our slogan! Whatever we do we ensure quality is not compromised. We deliver “Nothing But Quality”
  • Professionalism: We ensure our clients that everything we deliver will have a touch of the highest level of professionalism.

Our presence in the Market

This is a new website that has been in the market for less than a year. However, behind the website are experienced practitioners and seasoned consultants who have been in the profession for more than 15 years. Based on the local and international experience gained from practicing as auditors, risk managers, and consultants, we are proud to say we have the most qualified and highest ranked professionals who will ensure that you get the very best information about major topical areas.

Publishing Policy

Auditlysis is a non-partisan professional website and we understand that  comments expressed are for public consumption. Thus participants are expected to excercise utmost care when expressing their opinions on subjects under discussion. In order to enable discussants to comments objectively, Auditlysis has developed Publishing Policy to provide guidance on do's and don'ts when expressing ones opinion. Participants are advised to read carefully the publishing policy to facilitate discussion.