Publishing Policy


The main purpose of Auditlysis is to create conducive environment for participants to freely share their invaluable experiences that add value to the professional know-how of every one involved in the ongoing discussions. We understand that since participants work in different environments and contexts it is not possible to have a common position on all issues under discussion. In fact Auditlysis encourages diversity of opinions in order to enrich knowledge and understanding of participants.

Rules governing discussions

In order to facilitate smooth exhange of ideas and diversity of opinions, Auditlysis is governed by the following publishing policies which provides guidance on the quality of comments and contributions expected from participants.


We expect Auditlysis participants to be honest and fair and to be ready to take responsibility for the comments and opinions expressed during discussions. As a professional website Auditlysis discourages use of fake names and IDs by participants when taking part in the discussions. Participants are to register and log-in using their bonafide names and IDs.


Each participant is expected to show respect for the opinions given by other participants and not to use abusive or obscene language against fellow participants and those outside the discussions.


As professionals we are bound by the code of ethics of our respective professions. We are therefore duty bound to observe confidentiality in all our comments and posts that we make during discussions. We don't encourge naming of specific institutions or persons in the posts and comments posted. We at Auditlysis endeavour to keep confidential the participants information provided during registration.


Auditlysis acknowledges that participants come from different backgrounds and situations and therefore there may never be one common position on some issues under discussion. We don't expect "one-size-fit-all" kind of solutions to all issues under discussion. In fact we encourage participants to wear the shoes of fellow participants in order to appreciate their arguments.

Any comment or post which does not meet the qualitieis specified under the above publishing policy will not be published and the participant concerned will be informed accordingly. Repeated violation of the policy may lead to banning of the concerned participant from the forum discussions.


Views, comments and opinions expressed in Auditlysis forums by participants do not represent the official views of the Website and therefore Auditlysis does not guarantee the accuracy or currency of the content. Auditlysis cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions inherent in the comments and views expressed by participants and contributors. Therefore Auditlysis accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising. Auditlysis reserves the right to remove or alter content or take down this website at any time without notice.